Below are the custom widgets defined by Django-Selectable. All widgets take the lookup class as the first required argument.


Basic widget for auto-completing text. The widget returns the item value as defined by the lookup get_item_value. If the allow_new keyword argument is passed as true it will allow the user to type any text they wish.


Similar to AutoCompleteWidget but has a button to reveal all options.


Widget for selecting a value/id based on input text. Optionally allows selecting new items to be created. This widget should be used in conjunction with the AutoCompleteSelectField as it will return both the text entered by the user and the id (if an item was selected/matched).


Similar to AutoCompleteSelectWidget but has a button to reveal all options.


Builds a list of selected items from auto-completion. This widget will return a list of item ids as defined by the lookup get_item_id. Using this widget with the AutoCompleteSelectMultipleField will clean the items to the item objects. This does not allow for creating new items. There is another optional keyword argument postion which can take four possible values: bottom, bottom-inline, top or top-inline. This determine the position of the deck list of currently selected items as well as whether this list is stacked or inline. The default is bottom.


Same as AutoCompleteSelectMultipleWidget but with a combobox.

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